To most people, the Italians beat the Germans to the post when it comes to luxury fast cars, but our European friends put up a very persuasive argument. Here’s the top 4:


Volkswagen has to be up there in the top 4, thinking all the way back to the seductive lines of the Karmann Ghia, labelled ‘the world’s slowest sports car’ at the time, but it’s beauty still shines through today. One of the latest offerings from the Volkswagen factory is the Bugatti Veyron; Yes, I know, the badge says something else, but this eight litre animal capable of reaching 267.9 miles per hour, was designed and developed in Germany by, you guessed it, Volkswagen.


It world be rude not to mention Porsche; their Boxster, 911 and cayenne are among its most popular. From the designer that created the humble yet much loved Beetle, his latest 911 Carrera, reaching a total of 350 horse power, this German creation can reach 0 – 62 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds … now that’s quick.


Oh, where to start with the ‘M’ series? BMW have offered the perfect solution to every fathers biggest dilemma; no, not whether to let his son play with his beloved Scalextric set, but to decide if he should sell his tidy two seat sports car for a family car. The M series merges these two together, a sensible, stylish day trip car by day, and a 431hp 6 cylinder turbo charged monster, that would have nothing on The Fast and Furious crew, whenever you need it to be.

Mercedes Benz

The gentleman’s sports car. These guys are the secret agents of sports cars; usually known for luxury, but their match with McClaren was a turbo charged match made in heaven.

The Germans are known for being meticulous in their attention to detail, so it’s no wonder that they have put their stamp on the world of luxury sports cars.