So you’ve got yourself a new sports car and now you want to personalise it to reflect your personality. Well there are endless things you can do to achieve this. These range from stickers and badges to a new set of alloy wheels, according to your budget. Inside the car you can also give vent to your flair with things like seat covers, new floor mats and gear stick knob. On a personal basis you can get keyrings, gloves and umbrellas which match the marque of car you’ve purchased.

Other nice external modifications are chrome licence plate surrounds and chrome extension pipes for the exhaust and an extra special touch are marque specific dust caps for the wheels.

One of the most striking modifications is tinting the windows, you can get different levels of tint from fairly subtle up to almost opaque limo style, but be careful not to make the driving windows too dark as that is illegal.

Another striking modification is to upgrade the headlights with extra bright xenon and halogen bulbs, a pair of spotlights or even a strip of LED driving lights.

The bodywork can also be given a boost by giving it a carnauba car wax and a super resin polish which will have your car gleaming and also give it extra protection and also increase your mpg by reducing drag.

Then there’s under the bonnet, if you’re a bit of a speed freak you can get your engine ECU remapped to boost your BHP or if it’s greater economy you’re looking for it can be remapped to improve the MPG.

The list of modifications is as big as your imagination, whether your browsing in one of the many auto shops or the massive choice online from Ebay to Amazon, the item you want is there and things you haven’t even thought of.